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We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm at Promont House, 906 Main St. Milford.

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Upcoming Books


The Book of Lost Names

Kristin Harmel

In Nazi-occupied France, Eva uses her talent for forgery to erase identities and save lives, but one book holds the truth she’s desperate to remember. Decades later, a stunning discovery forces her to confront the past and reckon with the choices that shaped her life. Inspired by a true story, “The Book of Lost Names” is a thrilling tale of courage, love, and the enduring power of hope during the darkest of times.


Silent Spring

Rachel Carson

Spring arrives, but the birds are silent. Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” unveils the chilling truth: pesticides, hailed as a miracle cure for pests, are poisoning our environment, birds, and even ourselves. With meticulous research and poetic prose, Carson ignites a firestorm, challenging powerful industries and awakening a generation to the interconnectedness of life. This groundbreaking work, a catalyst for the modern environmental movement, remains a timeless call to protect the fragile web of life before it falls silent forever.


Mother Daughter Traitor Spy

Susan Elia MacNeal

In 1940s Los Angeles, a young journalist and her widowed mother stumble upon a Nazi plot lurking beneath the Californian sunshine. Fired from her dream job, Veronica Grace takes a secretarial position that exposes her to the dark truth: Hollywood propaganda masks a sinister Nazi recruitment campaign. With the FBI uninterested, the Graces turn to a hidden spymaster and embark on a dangerous undercover mission. As Pearl Harbor ignites war, the mother-daughter duo face increasingly perilous threats as they race to unravel a plot that could change the course of history. Inspired by real-life heroes, “Mother Daughter Traitor Spy” is a thrilling tale of family, courage, and the fight against evil in the heart of America.


The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post

Allison Pataki

From humble beginnings gluing cereal boxes to becoming the wealthiest woman in America, Marjorie Merriweather Post defies expectations in “Mrs. Post.” This captivating biography follows her journey as she builds a business empire, hosts presidents, and navigates tumultuous love affairs. Dive into a world of grandeur and resilience, where Marjorie’s insatiable drive for life and philanthropy leaves behind a legacy as remarkable as her story. This is the life of a woman who dared to demand more, changing not just her own life, but the very fabric of American society.


Greater Milford Area  History Readers meet at the Promont House.

906 Main St, Milford, Oh 45150