Then and Now

Milford Through Time: A Glimpse into the Past

Ever wonder what Milford looked like in the days gone by? Step back in time with our “Then & Now” collection, where we showcase the fascinating evolution of our beloved city.

Explore a journey through time with these historical photographs, each paired with a modern-day image of the same location. Witness the transformation of Milford landmarks, street scenes from generations ago, the charm of the past, and gain a deeper appreciation for the rich history that shapes Milford today.

Prepare to be surprised and maybe even a little nostalgic as you embark on this visual tour of Milford’s past and present.

Train station, what was originally the Little Miami railroad train station, circa~ 1910 (Image courtesy Diane Rumsey Feagans) and Milford Trailhead today

Kulger’s Hall, 19 Water St. early 1900s & Milford Public Library today

Grady’s Bar B-Q (opened in 1958 by Frank And Irene Grady) 1960 and Covalt Station today

Main St. Downtown Milford early to mid 1950’s & today

Downtown Milford from postcard & today

Wooster Pike railroad bridge 1939 & today


Promont House is the home of the GMAHS.